2015 SALE

What a great sale day with 103 rams offered and 103 sold.


Average sale price on the day was $1126.70 with the Poll Dorsets at an average of $1281 and White Suffolks at an average of $940.

Top price on the day was $2100 with the ram being purchased by Ellwood Pastoral Co and

Moorelands (Coolamon) were the volume buyers on the taking home 20 quality rams.


We now have limited rams available from our 2014 with all white suffolks being SOLD

and only 7 Poll Dorset rams remaining.

5th of October 2016

Inspections from 11AM

With morning tea and light luncheon available from 11AM


Selected Rams will be sold individually

Flock Rams- Pen offered with buyers option on 1, 2 or all 3


Delivery after sale or at a later date on arrangement with vendors.

65 Poll Dorsets and 55 White Suffolks will be on offer


Figures available here early September.

Catalogue available mid September


Agents for 2016 sale are:

Elders Livestock - Joe Wilks 0408 681 863

Delta Ag - Aaron Mackay 0427 693 696


Click on the figures below that you would like to see:

all figures have all information rams are ordered in heading order.


Poll Dorset : Eye muscle Area

Poll Dorset : Eye muscle depth

Poll Dorset : Weight


White Suffolks : Eye muscle area

White Suffolks : Eye muscle depth

White Suffolks : Weight

 "We have had great success with Pambria Poll Dorset rams. Our prime lambs have performed particularly well."


"We mostly sell direct to market, with our lambs routinely fitting the specifications of our buyers. On the occaisions when we have sold into the Wagga Livestock Marketing Centre with our suckers, we have targeted and met the top of the market. Our lambs have had good growth rates. With prices for lamb remaining buoyant, we are satisfied with the genetics that allow us to take advantage of the market. Elwood Pastoral supports the Wagga Wagga Show society and has won champion pen of lambs for the last 2 years."


-Kerry, Lisa and Marie Anderson, Elwood Pastoral, Wagga Wagga.



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